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Kerry Lynne

The Pirate Captain The Chronicles of a Legend mature continuing series starts in 1753 that does not ends in smiles and happily ever afters but deep emotions shared and sacrifices witnessed, tis not a story for the children nor are they welcomed aboard “Ciara Morganse”. While en route to the West Indies, Cate MacKenzie is plunged into the life and battles of the pirate captain Nathanael Blackthorne, said to be both cursed and blessed.  It is a unique saga of a ship, her Captain and crew trying to survive in a world that life is short lived at it’s best!

Lynne’s storytelling has been described as “literary pirate fiction” an intense character study, several you will love and more you will hate… a good dose of historical fiction, romance, nautical, action/adventure, and paranormal. The series has often been described as Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” meets Patrick O’Brian “Master and Commander” meets Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”…page-turning escapism at its finest.“It’s Outlander, pirate style”,

The Pirate Captain The Chronicles of a Legend Book Series
#1 The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend (Nor Silver)
#2 Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain
#3 Treasured Treasures, The Pirate Captain

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**Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend Audio Drama**

“Author Kerry Lynne presents an audio “theatre” drama of “The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend”, first book in the series. As a huge fan of radio dramas, Kerry is excited to present to a worldwide listening audience, the pirate world unlike anything you have ever heard before…Tis no story for the kids, nor the weak of heart  … A pirate’s life was violent and deadly… enemies schemed…the seas boiled… treasure was lost .

Full-Cast Audio Drama Production

The uniqueness of the book and series demands the same for an audiobook. Lynne wanted something very different a one-of-a-kind, unabridged, full-cast audio “theatre” drama,  reminiscent of the old radio shows. Unlike most audiobooks, “Pirate Captain” includes sound effects, so the listener might feel the creak of the ship, the rolling sea, the whistling winds, or the crash of a storm. Through the able guidance of producer, Neil Rosser, who directed and produced an all-star cast of Rosalyn Landor, Sam Hazeldine, Eleanor Tomlinson, Graham McTavish and Tom Mison plus thirteen supporting actors with an original soundtrack composed by Michael Vickerage. Go ahead Immerse yourself in a brilliant and wholly unique 23-hours of listening entertainment. Have you the courage to join us?

$24.95 $18.95

Book 1 – The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend

“At what price does treasure come, for not all does silver and gold make? To pose the question means you’ve not found yours, for when you do, ‘you’ll no longer  question the cost to keep it. “Anything” becomes your creed.”

“Nor Silver” begins in 1753. Cate MacKenzie, a fugitive Jacobite War criminal and enroute to the West Indies is mistakenly kidnapped by the pirate captain Nathanael Blackthorne. Cate is instantly plunged into Blackthorne’s blood feud with the local powers. At the same time, she finds what she has longed for: a place to belong. 

This is the story of two scarred people, blinded by their defenses. It’s the story of trust, or rather, the lack of. It’s the story of what one will do to keep their treasure! 

$6.99 $4.99

Book 2 – The Pirate Captain Nor Gold

“Wise decisions, clever courses steered, untold reefs and hazards avoided, the stuff of legends now become the stuff or retribution and remorse. At what point did yesterday become a lifetime?”

“Nor Gold” continues the series, picking up immediately where “Nor Silver” left off: Cate sailing off with Thomas, Nathan’s long-time pirate friend. Nathan abandons all else in pursuit of one goal: return Cate back aboard. Once returned safe, Cate is drawn deeper into Nathan’s life and his family curse, rumors of him being both blessed and cursed proving true. Time and again, Nathan finds there is no outrunning his past. Time and again, Nathan is faced with the old saying “desperate people do desperate things.” 

$8.99 $6.99

Book 3 – The Pirate Captain Treasured Treasures

“From one’s fears springs hope that they might overcome. That hope, however, delivers one to the threshold of fear, for now they realize how much they have to lose…And so spawns hope everlasting that they shan’t.”  

“Treasured Treasures,” the third in the series, finds Nathan well aware of the degree of his desperation, and having to deal with the consequences. His ship and men still licking their wounds from the battle, he finds he is cornered by both the Navy and fleet of privateers. His only choice is but the one thing he has always sought: Cate and his ship safe. And so, on that single thought, he takes another desperate plunge: sending Cate off to safety while he leads the enemy on a merry chase. 

$10.99 $8.99

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